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Club Events - Wales, July 31st 2014

Below is a current list of our club events in Wales for the 2014-15 Season

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Below is a list of our up coming Club event's in Wales. All events are FULL day unless indicated (*). For reports of events that have been delivered click on the club names that are linked in red.

For more information regarding our club events and how to host an event visit our football club section HERE or contact: Jason@theredcardwales.org 

Season 2014-15

Club                                     Date

Glamorgan Cricket                  23rd September 2014
Carmarthen Town FC             24th September 2014
Wales International Football   7th October 2014
Cardiff City FC                       15th October 2014
Newport County FC               22nd October 2014
Port Talbot Town FC             4th November 2014
Merthyr Town FC                   6th November 2014
TNS FC                                  20th January 2015
Newtown AFC                        21st January 2015
Newport Gwent Dragons       28th January 2015

Airbus UK FC                         3rd February 2015
Wrexham FC                           24th February 2015
Cefn Druids FC                      25th February 2015
Ospreys Rugby                     4th March 2015
Aberystwyth Town FC           10th March 2015
Prestatyn Town FC               17th March 2015
Rhyl FC                                  18th March 2015
Monmouth Town FC             25th March 2015
Bangor City FC                      14th April 2015
Bala Town FC                        15th April 2015
Swansea City FC                   21st April 2015
Llanelli AFC                            22nd April 2015
Blues Rugby                           24th April 2015
Colwyn Bay FC                       28th April 2015
Llandudno FC                        29th April 2015
RGC Rugby                             30th April 2015
Scarlets Rugby                       8th May 2015


Season 2013-14
Club                                     Date

Glamorgan Cricket          25th September 2013
Cardiff City FC                 3rd October 2013
Newport County FC          16th October 2013
Cefn Druids FC                13th November 2013
Wrexham FC                   14th November 2013
Port Talbot Town FC          20th November 2013
Newport Dragons               27th November 2013
Cardiff Blues                     4th December 2013
Carmarthen Town FC         5th December 2013
Newtown FC                     10th December 2013
TNS FC                            11th December 2013
Bangor City FC                  22nd January 2014
Bala Town FC                    23rd January 2014
Merthyr Town FC               29th January 2014
Connah’s Quay FC            5th February 2014
Rhyl FC                            6th February 2014
Ospreys                           12th February 2014
Cardiff City FC                  17th February 2014
Airbus UK FC                    19th February 2014
Prestatyn Town FC             20th February 2014
Aberystwyth Town FC         11th March 2014
Colwyn Bay FC                  12th March 2014
Llandudno Town FC            13th March 2014
Llanelli Town FC                 19th March 2014
Afan Lido FC                      8th April 2014
Caerau Ely FC                    23rd May 2014
Monmouth Town FC            19th June 2014


Season 2012-13

Club                                      Date                          

Newport Gwent Dragons 9th October 2012
Cardiff City FC                    18th October 2012
Newport County FC             25th October 2012
Swansea City FC                7th November 2012
Port Talbot Town FC           14th November 2012
Llanelli AFC                        15th November 2012
Connah's Quay FC
              21st November 2012
Wrexham FC                       22nd November 2012
Ospreys                              27th November 2012
Bala Town FC                     16th January 2013
Bangor City FC                   17th January 2013
TNS FC                               23rd January 2013
Newtown FC                        24th January 2013
Afan Lido
                           30th January 2013
Carmarthen Town FC           31st January 2013
Rhyl FC                              6th February 2013
Cefen Druids FC
                 7th February 2013
Airbus UK FC                      20th February 2013
Prestatyn Town FC              21st February 2013
Aberystwyth Town FC         12th March 2013
Porthmadog FC                  14th March 2013
Monmouth Town FC            18th March 2013
Caerau Ely FC                    15th May 2013
TaffsWell FC                       22nd May 2013

Season 2011-12

The 2011-12 season saw us deliver 19 events across Wales, events and links to the event reports are below:

Club                                      Date                         
Newport County AFC      19th October 2011
Cardiff City FC                 20th October 2011
Rhyl FC                             2nd November 2011
Prestatyn FC                    3rd November 2011
Llanelli AFC                      10th November 2011
Carmarthan Town FC      17th November 2011
Newtown FC                     23rd November 2011
Caerau Ely FC                   8th December 2011*
Llandudno FC                   18th January 2012
Bangor City FC                 19th January 2012
Afan Lido FC                     25th January 2012
Port Talbot Town FC        26th January 2012
Swansea City FC              1st February 2012
Porthmadog FC                 8th March 2012
Neath Athletic FC             14th March 2012
Aberystwyth Town AFC   15th March 2012
Wrexham FC                      21st March 2012
Airbus UK FC                    22nd March 2012
Bala Town FC                   29th March 2012

*Indicates Half Day Event

Season 2010-11

The 2010-11 season saw us deliver 16 events across Wales, events and links to the event reports are below:

- Newport County AFC / Newport Gwent Dragons, October 14th 2010 - Event Report

- Cardiff City FC, October 19th 2010 -
Event Report

- Llanelli AFC, November 11th 2010 - Event Report

- Airbus UK FC / TNS FC, November 29th 2010 - Event Report

- Bala Town FC, January 21st 2011 -
Event Report

- Bangor City FC, January 21st 2011 - Event Report

- Prestatyn FC Event, February 7th 2011 -
Event Report

- Wrexham AFC, February 7th 2011 -
Event Report

- Carmarthen Town event AFC , February 15th 2011 -
Event Report

- Aberystwyth Town FC event, February 15th 2011 -
Event Report

- Neath Athletic Event, February 18th 2011 -
Event Report

- Newtown AFC Event, March 14th 2011 - Event Report

- Welsh National Squad Event, March 29th 2011 -
Event Report

- Swansea City FC Event, March 29th 2011 -
Event Report

- Haverfordwest County AFC, April 7th 2011 - Event Report

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