SRtRC Workshop testimonials

"The children thoroughly enjoyed the workshops that were provided from the staff who came in today.  Cat's session was really informative and the children gained a lot of knowledge and skills from this.  Her workshop activity was interactive, engaging and followed on appropriately from the DVD that the children had watched during the week.  The children were thrilled to have a PE lesson delivered by a footballer and had lots of questions to ask.  Overall, the children have really gained a clear understanding with regards to racism and its affects on individuals and the community."
Whinfield Primary, January 2017
"They [the students] began to see things differently by the end of the session and they were very open and honest about their racist views, because the facilitators encouraged them to feel comfortable and challenged their views in a non-threatening way."
"I wasn't necessarily shocked by the racist comments I heard but it saddened me to hear where they got their views from (e.g Britain First). Some students who usually won't listen to anyone on the topic engaged completely in the process and had their views challenged as a result."
"I think bringing in the group from the Islamic Diversity Council was fantastic - kids who said they would never speak to a Muslim two hours before ended up shaking hands with= Muslim men and chatting about best places to get fried chicken!"
Kenton School - July 2016
he workshop was a high quality workshop which helped the children to develop their understanding..... the children were keen to debate issues and through this could extend their understanding."
"The children had a super educational experience which really helped to develop their understanding.  Fantastic delivery, it's lovely to have people in school who really understand the children's needs and can work so well with them. The workshop is definitely memorable for the children."
Bedlington West - July 2016
"The pupils really enjoyed the 'new neighbour' activity as they said that it really made them think about their pre-conceived ideas and stereotypes.
"What I noticed was that they were more than happy to say why they placed people/groups at the top of the list of potential new neighbours but were very reluctant to say why they had put people at the bottom. They really did not want to appear negative about any one group in society but could also see other sides to each argument that was put forward. This session in particular challenged pupils' views and pre-conceived ideas and encouraged them to look at the issues from others' point of view.
"The kids loved the day and really got a lot out of it. They loved your staff and have begged me today to let them finish some of the activities from yesterday!

Gosforth Junior Academy - July 2016
"the children felt comfortable to ask education workers about racism without feeling like they would be accused of racism. The children are much more aware of what is and isn't acceptable....
I overheard many mature and in depth discussions between the children."
Thorntree Primary School - June 2016
"it [the workshop] certainly cleared up the issue of specific vocabulary...
the students have been talking about it quite a lot following the two days. All students participated well and there were some quiet students that were more vocal in small group work, and some students who usually refuse to take part in PE who were engaged with the coaching sessions"
The Duchess Community High School - April 2016
"We had one of these workshops in the school i worked in and it was THE BEST workshop i've ever been to. It was aimed at the children but it blew my mind and has changed my thinking forever."
Teacher from Kingston Park Primary
The children are now able to talk confidently about what racism is, why it happens and why it is so wrong.
Before I think the children were frightened to even talk about it in case they got in trouble, now they realise that in order for us to eliminate racism we must talk about it- we must understand how and why it happens.
One little boy gave some very thoughtful contributions and showed excellent emotional empathy. One of our students also showed that he stereotypes a lot! For example assuming that all people of Asian origin are Muslim. He is beginning to question the way he views people- which is excellent!
Workshop content and delivery were both excellent. Children felt happy and comfortable expressing their opinions without fear of judgement. The session highlighted some prejudices which children did not even know they had- such as that black people are better runners. Through discussion they began to realise that this was not the case. It also highlighted to us that we need to do some more work on Africa. Children did not know that there were some richer parts of Africa and had the idea that everyone in Africa was poor and had to carry water etc. This is excellent for us as teachers as it shows us that we need to work more with children on developing their global perspective.
Newham Bridge Primary - April 2016
Certain students answers did surprise me. How they thought some words / gestures or scenarios were acceptable when I would never have expected it.
The Links Primary - December 2015
';... the work on offensive and racist language had a the most impact. Pupils felt safe being able to discuss these issues.
Pupils who do not always contribute in lessons were joining in discussions, listening well and asking lots of questions'
Riverside Primary - April 2015

It raised students awareness and they felt comfortable talking about racism without being judged. Sometimes it is a 'taboo' subject that often doesn't get discussed in the detail that it should. Children were not afraid to discuss and tell stories.

Appletree Gardens - April 2015

I felt the students gained a lot from talking about racism with people they admired and respected.
The [workshop] session allowed for honest and open discussion in which the pupils felt confident enough to express their views. They were challenged to think further and question their assumptions. The activities were varied and instructions were clear and pupils were fully engaged.

 The pupils really enjoyed the day and seem to have got a lot out of it. I enjoyed being a part of it, thank you!

Bothal Middle School - April 2015

The sessions encouraged open discussion between pupils and between groups and they were successful in this. I observed the different groups at different points and I feel all were well engaged.
Very worthwhile and extremely important issues were made assessable to all our pupils.
St Teresa's RC - April 2015

Pupils could speak with confidence without the fear of being judged. I was surprised at 3 pupils who would not normally speak out or talk in front of the class, but did this day. Pupils were honest about family views and language used within the home and spoke about challenging these opinions in the future.
Experts spoke with confidence and were very professional. They could adapt their resources to suit what we wanted from pupils. I could not recommend any improvements.
Greenfield Community College - March 2015

I thought the ethos of the day...'it's ok we are all safe to say what we think' really helped to develop children's' understanding. Facilitators allowed the classroom sessions to be fun whilst developing children's' awareness and understanding.
Windy Nook Primary - March 2015

I think children began the session a little reserved, not sure what they were allowed to say, but they were soon made to feel comfortable to voice their opinions. There were some children that showed some surprising misconceptions, which I have been able to challenge since
Wingrove Primary - March 2015

Discussion in workshops was great - facilitators were so approachable that pupils felt they could discuss and ask anything. Have a great relationship with pupils.
The facilitators made pupils feel relaxed and comfortable to share what they know and wanted to know. They were enthusiastic and engaged pupils with different activities. One of our y8 boys took part in the filming interviews which I was so surprised with, and his views were really good to hear.
A fantastic day. Pupils totally engaged and understand issues.

Highfield Middle - December 2014

The students were very open and honest when discussing issues surrounding racism. Some of our quieter pupils contributed more than they would usually so. The staff were brilliant with the children and valued each of their contributions and sensitively dealt with misconceptions of what racism is.
Once we got started, the sessions were well led, the staff were friendly and connected with the children almost immediately. The sports and the workshops prompted a lot of discussion and children felt at ease discussing their views and then the staff were able to deal sensitively with any misconceptions. A great day and definitely something we will follow up with the postcards shortly. Thank you for arranging this and please pass on our appreciation to the staff who attended on the day.
Kenton Bar School - November 2014

The sessions are so valuable and detinately have a bigger impact when delivered by staff no connected with the school
Stephenson Primary - November 2014

Do you think that the students were able to be open and honest in the sessions?

They were very open and honest due to the facilitators fantastic attitude with them, he really made them feel there was no right or wrong answer.
Do you think that the day has improved young people's understanding about racism?
Absolutely. I thought the day really delved deep into pupils understanding of racism and explored the issue.
Fantastic content taught in a fantastic way to the pupils!
Relationship and delivery to pupils was excellent. Pupils were made to feel very safe and secure and that there comments were valued. I thought the content was very relevant to Y6 and massively informative.
Amberley Primary - Nov 2014

Do you think that the students were able to be open and honest in the sessions?
Yes! many students who would normally be quiet in class discussions contributed brilliantly and this was a reflection on the excellent delivery of the classroom workshop
Annfield Plain Junior School - Nov 2014
The children were very engaged throughout and their understanding of racism has most certainly developed as a result of the day
King Edwards Primary - Nov 2014

Do you think that the day has improved young people's understanding about racism?

Absolutely. I thought the day really delved deep into pupils understanding of racism and explored the issue.
Do you feel that the day encouraged discussion about racism between pupils?
Definitely - pupils were encouraged to discuss their understanding thoroughly in a very non-judgemental way.
Do you think that the day has improved young people's understanding about racism?
Yes - their understanding of how to tackle racism was especially improved e.g. what to do if a friend tells a racist joke or if a grandparent says something racist. The day made young people think about and discuss how 'trivial' incidents, especially language may have a bigger impact than it might seem. Longbenton Community College - Nov 2014

Which aspect of the workshop session do you think might have had the most impact?

The tone is good. It's relaxed and pupils are respectful. The staff are not patronizing and pitch the lessons very appropriatley.
You have clearly thought in depth about what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it. Monkseaton Middle School - Nov 2014

Do you think that the students were able to be open and honest in the sessions?
Yes. Many of the children contributed who are often quiet in lessons. They felt comfortable with Richard to share their ideas and experience
Use of active strategies kept them engaged and as well as lots of discussion. All children were listened to and their opinions and ideas valued.
Rickleton Primary School - Oct 2014

Do you think that the day has improved young people's understanding about racism?
Yes. I think it certainly made my children think about words they use and how they need to choose carefully to be sure they're not being racist. I also think it made them really consider stereotypes and preconceptions - making them realise they need to get to know someone and not make assumptions.
Do you feel that the day encouraged discussion about racism between pupils?
Yes, without a doubt! To begin with, children were a little unsure what they were allowed to say but with encouragement began to freely discuss their opinions, ideas and experiences.
Keep doing what you're doing - great at raising awareness in an age appropriate way.
Diamond Hall Primary - Oct 2014

Do you think that the day has improved young people's understanding of racism?
Definitely! Some of the children weren't really sure about what racism actually is.
Which aspect of the workshop do you think might have the most impact?
It was all very interesting. The use of childrens vobabulary and understanding of 'slang' racist words during the workshop I think will hopefully change!
I think that the day was an excellent success. It was a very good mix of a fun physical activity mixed with very important discussions and workshop.
A fun way to share and educate children about a very important subject. Thank you very much to all those involved!
Grangetown Primary (October 2014)

All three adults who came into school were approachable, open and friendly. There was fun and humour which encouraged the children to be open and gave them a sense of security when sharing their opinion. Thank you very much."
Milecastle Primary School - March 2014

The gravitas of having famous faces delivering the sessions had a great impact for the children. They were much keener to get involved, even the children who do not usually enjoy physical activity. It was a fun activity session for all. The workshop was pitched at exactly the right level for the children, with every comment being made valued and respected greatly. Thank you."
Rickleton Primary School - February 2014

"Great session. Promoted debate and discussion and widened children's understanding. Both the in class session and the PE session were well delivered and thoroughly prepared. Would highly recommend."
Parkhead Primary School - January 2014

An absolutely fantastic day which engaged all of our students. Thank you so much!"
Rickleton Primary - January 2014

was brilliant with the girls he carried out the workshop in a fun yet informative manner and were engaged throughout! He had lots of great activities and questions which were interactive and promoted discussion. He delivered a superb session. John was also fantastic, he had a great relationship with the girls and they loved his fitness football session, he was really positive and encouraged them to work together on a variety of activities. The day was a great success and we are pleased to have had your team in again. Many Thanks."
Central Newcastle High - January 2014

"Students and staff liked the approachable nature of the activities and discussions - students could ask the questions they wnated to ask without fear of being laughed at, criticised etc. Students and staff commented on how well the session had gone and how well they were led. Thank you."
Redbridge Community School - November 2013

 "What a fantastic day! The children thoroughly enjoyed both sessions with the SRtRC team. Richard, Olivier & Steve were all brilliant with our pupils and staff. We would welcome them back anytime. Thank you."
Kader Primary School - November 2013

 "Really enjoyable and informative for teacher and students. Excellent presenters."
Burnside School - November 2013

A group of children unwilling to take part in a writing exercise became very involved in a group discussion, led mostly by them, about what they all thought racism meant and personal experiences.

The children were able to engage in discussions in groups and many commented on things that they had not previously thought were racist before these discussions, suggesting they were leaving the sessions with a better awareness of racism"
George Street Primary - November 2013

Fantastic day - really good to have such open discussions where children could talk so openly about a difficult subject. It was good how positive the conversation remained, even though dealing with negative issues. Good to breakdown stereotypes in a way that children understood. People doing it were both really good with the children."

"We were very impressed with the service provided. Sensitive matters were dealt with age appropriately. Children enjoyed the experience. Delivery was great. No suggestions for further improvement"
Bonneygrove Primary - November 2013

A great workshop with great people delivering which was enjoyed by all of the students who attended."
Blackburn College - November 2013

Would highly recommend them to all Schools"
Chiltern Way Federation - November 2013

An excellent day which the children got a lot from and thoroughly enjoyed. Lots of opportunity for discussion following thought provoking questions. Information provided was clear, helpful and easy to understand so the children's understanding really improved.  Osei and Luther were great with the children and were informative, helpful and made the day enjoyable. Many thanks"
Markyate Village School - November 2013

"Both Richard and John made the day enjoyable for the children, whilst also making it informative. They had the children thinking about different scenarios and we hope they have left a lasting impression on the children. They also helped the children realise that racism is not only about your skin colour. I would strongly recommend the workshops to other schools"
Peases West Primary School - October 2013

"We were very impressed with the knowledge and professional delivery for both thepupils workshops and our staff inset. thanks again for an excellent informative session."

"Really encourages pupils to think about their views and some of the terms they are using which are offensive but seem to be the norm. Excellent approach in challenging people's sterotypical views."

"We were very impressed with the knowledge and professional delivery for both thepupils workshops and our staff inset. thanks again for an excellent informative session."
St Anne's RC Primary - Sept 2013

"[It] defined insulting/racist words for children that they could be using in everyday life without understanding them and the history behind them.

"..a small proportion of children will be influenced by the negative views of others, e.g. family or friends. However I think these sessions helped overcome that problem.

"...Very effective and engaging for young people and there are plenty of opportunities for discussion."
Copthorne Primary - Sept 2013

 "Initially pupils were reluctant to discuss anything about racism at the fear of offending or sounding racist themselves. Highlighting and demonstrating open discussion was a real benefit to pupils.

 "Fantastic workshops, really got the kids talking, even outside the classroom they were discussing the issues raised."

"The two representatives were excellent, very calm and approachable. The pupils clearly respected them and enjoyed the day - thanks."
Hebburn Comprehensive School - July 2013

"I have to say that the women who attended  were really positive about the event and several of them spoke to my Governor afterwards saying how much they had enjoyed the session and that they had learned from the experience (the whole point really!).   I also had a couple of them ask to be diversity reps as well, so you've probably helped me with my recruitment campaign!!

 But really, many thanks to Laura Lizz and Dean for the fantastic job that you did and the input that you gave in the run-up to the event.  Coming into prisons isn't the easist of things for many different reasons not least of them security however you all did it with a smile on your faces.  The event in my eyes was a huge success and I would love to think that we can do something similar in the future"
HMP Services - June 2013

"we have been taking part in this workshop for many years and it is always very successful...The day was a great success and led excellent by all members of the SRRC team. The staff are always very enthusiastic and get the children fully engaged in the discussions and work throughout the day. Well done and thank you!"
Cleadon Primary School - June 2013

"The class session examining the variety of reasons for immigration was an eye-opener for many students" and "Loved every minute of it!"
Bothal Middle School - June 2013

"The children got a lot out of the sessions and have already started to question some of their own opinions and thoughts. The presenters of the workshop Dean Gordon and Lizz were exceptional. They are to be highly commended on the way they handled the groups and drew out the questionning of them."
St Joseph's Primary - June 2013

"The coaching by John Anderson and Olivier Bernard was excellent - inclusive of all ages, abilities, gender etc. The sessions in class were excellent. I was with Richard Offiong - and was VERY impressed both by his style, his manner and by the way he handled the difficult question of the 'N' word. Many thanks to you all."
Star of the Sea Primary - June 2013

"Staff were extremely engaging and had an excellent manner with the students - fabulous day!"
John Spence High - May 2013

"The children are now much more aware about what racism is and what terminology is racist. Thank you for being inspirational role models for them."
....The children enjoyed the sessions provided and were given the opportunity to think about racism in a different and deeper way. A lot of the children in my class were keen to take the message home and share it with their parents or careers Ian very positive way."
St Francis C of E Primary - April 2013

"Laura was excellent running the workshops and although I didn't see the football the feedback from the children was really positive so many thanks for a great day!"
Percy Main Primary School - April 2013

"The feedback across the whole year group, irrespective of ability, was very positive. My classes have been eager to discuss the topic further in subsequent lessons"
Seaham School of Technology - April 2013

"The children enjoyed the sessions provided and were given the opportunity to think about racism in a different and deeper way. A lot of the children in my class were keen to take the message home and share it with their parents or careers Ian very positive way.  The children are now much more aware about what racism is and what terminology is racist. Thank you for being inspirational role models for them."
St Francis C of E - April 2013

"The day gave pupils and staff the opportunity to discuss racism in an open and safe environment. Both presenters were excellent and helped to explain some of the myths around racism."
Aycliffe Village Primary - March 2013

"I thought the approach used by the staff was excellent, asking the children not to be scared to be honest and promising they would not be judged. This really encouraged open discussion in a blame free environment.  Thanks to Richard, Lizz and Dean. Lovely people to work with - excellent methods of working with the children, well organised, well informed, very professional and helpful with further ideas for staff.. It was a pleasure having them our in school."
St Aloysius Junior School - March 2013  

"Both students and staff alike found the sessions to be both challenging and thought provoking. The team who came along were all wonderful. They were enthusiastic, challenging and highly professional."
South Shields Community High School - March 2013

"Everything was beautifully organised in advance and on the day and everything went very smoothly. We cannot praise highly enough the two gentlemen, Dean and Richard, who delivered the workshops. They very quickly established positive relationships with the children and staff and had a real presence when working with the children.Their delivery was perfect, questioning was effective and they led the children through some potentially difficult and sensitive issues. They certainly provoked a lot of thoughtful discussion, clarified and challenged  thinking and handled really well all questions and information given by the children.  The humour helped!  We'd certainly be keen to have these workshops again" 
Milecastle Primary School - March 2013

"We'd certainly be keen to have these workshops again."
Kenton Bar Primary School - February 2013

" A fabulous day ran by extremely enthusiastic and skilful SRTRC staff.  Thank you so much!"
Castle View Enterprise Academy - February 2013

"We'd certainly be keen to have these workshops again."
Hirst Park Middle School - January 2013

"Thank you to Laura and John for a fantastic day. All of our pupils were engaged throughout the sessions. The sessions promoted excellent discussion and exploration of the meaning and impact of racism. It challenged our pupils to think differently and to pose their own questions. The fitness sessions were fun and dynamic with every child returning to class red faced, out of breath and grinning from ear to ear. Thank you again for a great day!"
Eslington Primary School - January 2013

"The DVD from SRTRC was highly useful and a good starting point before the anti-racism sessions in school. Moreover, the football theme really helped to engage (particularly boys from year 5 & 6)."
Highfield St Josephs RCVA School - November 2012

"Content - Excellent, Staff - Excellent, Interaction - Excellent"
Princes Trust Gosforth - October 2012

"Thanks for a valuable, informative and fun session"
Forest View Primary School - September 2012

"The children learnt a lot from the day and the activities were carefully planned to encourage discussion in a safe environment where children were able to share what they thought without being judged."
Bedlington West End First School - September 2012


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