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Letter to Nellie

A young person wrote this letter during a workshop addressing racism towards Gypsy, Roma Travellers

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As part of a workshop exploring racism towards Gypsy, Roma Travellers, young people were asked to reply to a letter from Irish Traveller Nellie Delaney, whose brother Johnny Delaney was murdered in an unprovoked racist attack. This activity forms part of Show Racism the Red Card's Out of Site pack.

Dear Nellie,

I’m so sorry about you losing Johnny. All of the class was gutted when they heard what those horrible boys did to him. He’s really brave for going back to help his friend. Whenever someone reads your letter I bet they’ll follow in his path. If I ever see anyone being racist I’ll try to stop it. No one should ever treat anyone like that. You should be really proud of what Johnny has done.

Yours sincerely,


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