Players' Views

Samuel Eto'o


Why should we have to wait for black players to reach the top-level? Racism is something created and anything that has been created can be undone. Those of us who are black don’t need to prove anything, but we are made to feel that we always have to prove something. We do not. Being black is not something bad. Being black is just like being white. We have the same red blood running through our veins, we have the same heart. We are human beings. People who act otherwise must understand that.

I hope that in 2010 Africa will give the world a lesson, that it will be the best remembered World Cup ever - for the football and for everything else. What I want most of all is for that World Cup to be the most beautiful game that we have ever seen. It’s our World Cup and we have to work towards that. A lot of people don’t know what Africa is. They know about an Africa with disease and hunger, but they don’t know what Africa really is.

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