Players' Views

Freddie Eastwood


Obviously growing up, I’m a travelling lad, so I got a bit of racism about my caravan and bits and pieces. Obviously you don’t want to hear any racism at all in the game so it is disappointing when you hear it but as professionals we just sort of take it on board. I’m a proud lad about my background – I’ve grown up in a travelling family and I’m proud of that. I think campaigns like SRTRC are well good; it’s good that people are following it up and trying to get it out of the game.

As my career’s gone up the ladder, with bigger fans and bigger stadiums you get a bit more of it because if you’re doing well the away fans don’t tend to like it so I’ve got quite a bit [of racism] but you sort of just take it on board I think. I’ve never reacted in a bad way to be honest, but I think that if you kick racism out of the game at all levels it’ll make it a better game for everybody.

All travellers get racism because a lot of people don’t like them for the stuff they do but I’m sure there’s probably good and bad in everybody and obviously we’re not all bad so I’ve experienced quite a bit more of that than I have in football so it would be nice to cut it out completely, definitely.

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