Players' Views

Gareth Southgate


At the time of 9/11 we had a couple of Muslim players here – Joseph Job who was from Cameroon was a very strict Muslim, and his explanation to me was that the people that committed those crimes, that wasn’t the belief of that religion: these were extremist people which you can find in any religious group. He felt let down by what had happened and again you shouldn’t judge people because of their religion, it’s whether they are good or bad people.

I have to deal with different people differently, because some of them might be taking part in Ramadan for example – we have to respect the fact that they at that time are eating at different times so their training has to be different, and some players I’ve played with needed to pray before a game, but again within a team all those things are accepted and you treat yourselves as one big family and it’s a very special thing to be involved in because it is something which marries all those groups together.

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