Players' Views

Louis Saha


I grew up in Paris, a cosmopolitan area, and racism wasn’t an easy thing to see because I think people like this try to hide, but there were some bad areas and in a stadium like Paris St Germain’s you’re going to face hooligans. It happened once when I was with my father – we were going to the stadium and we made a mistake because we went to a bad café, full of skinheads, so it was not very safe. I respected my father’s attitude – he stayed strong and faced it as a big man. He could have been scared but he showed the right way, standing still waiting for something to happen but nothing happened because he was not scared. The most important thing is to make sure people understand we are not scared anymore; we want to fight against it, and we have to make racists understand they are the minority now which is the main thing, it’s a good step forward.

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