Players' Views

Neil Taylor


Have you ever had experiences of racism?

I have sometimes in football games, from fans and different players. [It also sometimes happens] when you go abroad. But I think in general it is something that is dying out and hopefully that can continue.

How was this racism manifested?

Sometimes fans can get irate and a little bit over the top. I think it’s a case of different countries handling it in different ways.

The Swansea dressing has lots of different nationalities and cultures, have you enjoyed being a part of all that?

Yes, it’s great. Between the boys there are a lot of different cultures, with lots of different kinds of music and different languages. I know a few of the lads tries to learn Spanish while some of the Spanish players were there. We are a very close knit team and I think it’s great the more you can interact with different people.

It is important that you all get on and that there are no separate sections in the group. If people mix and get along it is great for team spirit.

Do you think the multicultural nature of football is a good example for the rest of society?

Yes, I think it is great and when people play football or other sports where they have to mix with different races. It is good for society. There are  more nationalities playing different sports [nowadays], and I think it is a case of everybody just getting on. Like we’ve shown at Swansea, if different races get on together and create a good team spirit, then it can only be a good thing.

Do you have any advice for young people who may be suffering from racist abuse or bullying?

You have just got to talk to somebody, as talking is always the easiest way to deal with things, whatever your problem is. Racism is something that needs to be clamped down on, so you must talk to an adult or teacher and not try and confront it on your own. You should always try and get help or advice because, the more you talk about it, you’ll be surprised how much easier it becomes to deal with.

It does take quite a lot of confidence to stand up against people...

Of course it does and if you are not a confident person and this continues to happen to you, it can keep knocking you down. The earlier you can talk to someone about it, they might be able to tell you their views on things and how to go about dealing with it for it to become a lot easier for you.

Do you think education is a key component in the battle to eradicate racism?

Yes, it is all about educating people and getting people to listen. Racism is dying and hopefully it will continue to diminish, because it is something nobody wants and there is no real reason why it should still exist in modern day society.


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